Employer Wellness Programs Expanding Beyond Physical Health: What Are The Risks?

Employers and employees are warming up to wellness programs. Some employers are expanding the programs beyond physical health and fitness, but what are the risks? Read More

The Hot New Employee Benefit Has Its Risks

We examine the risks of a new employee benefit that younger employees want, but that may leave older employees out in the cold. Read More

Social Media Infecting Employers With Malware

More employers are using social media as part of their business plans. We examine the malware risk that comes with the social media use. Read More

Workplace Jokes: Why Employers Never Get Them And Litigants Get The Last Laugh

Jack McCalmon

Statistics show real progress in preventing workplace wrongdoing. Jack McCalmon examines why more is needed, however, especially when it comes to workplace boundaries. Read more...


Depression And The ADA: Why Managers Play An Important Role

Kirstin Heffner

ADA claims are at an all time high. As a manager, you may play an important role in avoiding ADA claims when it comes to depression. Kirstin Heffner explains. Read more...


Return To Work Retaliation Risk Begins With The Workers' Compensation Claim

Leslie Zieren

Employers may have good reason to fire an employee, but if he or she recently returned to work after a workers' compensation claim, don't move too quickly. Leslie Zieren explains. Read more...


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