How Did $1.9 Million Disappear From One Employer?

An employee steals from her employer over the course of 15 years. We examine how she did it. Read More

Tax Time Is Malware Time

U.S. workers are preparing for April 15th and so are data thieves. We look at the scams and provide solutions. Read More

Older Android Devices Are Malware Susceptible

A malware threat is discovered for older Android devices. We examine what devices are vulnerable and what can be done. Read More

Economic Uncertainty: What Does It Mean For Employer Liability in 2016?

Jack McCalmon

Employers are nervous entering 2016. One major employer announced massive layoffs. Jack McCalmon examines what layoffs and an anemic economy may mean for employer liability in 2016. Read more...


Are You A New Manager? You Have More On Your Plate Than You Realize

Leslie Zieren

When you become a manager, you take on not only new responsibilities, but also new liabilities. Leslie Zieren discusses some pitfalls to avoid. Read more...


Minority-To-Minority Discrimination


A black complainant sues for discrimination and sexual harassment by Latino coworkers. We examine why Title VII is colorblind. Read more...


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