LGBT Employment Discrimination Protections Favored By Readers

We asked your opinion about the expanding employment protections for LGBT employees and applicants. Here is the response. Read More

Are Reasonable Accommodations For Employees with Disabilities Too Costly Or A Bargain?

EEOC sues a bank employer for failing to accommodate a visual impairment. New research shows why the undue hardship defense to accommodating is losing effectiveness. Read More

Talk to Me - What Type Of Communication Do Your Employees Want?

Workers of all ages value in-person communications, even in this digital world. A new survey provides insight into what employees are seeking from their managers. Read More

Writing A Check Does Not Mean An Employment Dispute Has Ended - How Can Your Risk Extend Beyond The Payoff?


Settlements are legally binding, and a court's consent decree must be obeyed. Read tips to avoid being held in contempt of court. Read more...


Time for a Happy Dance or Time for Caution? The 2015 Economic Outlook For Employers

Jack McCalmon

Some signs show the economy is improving. Time to break out champagne? Jack McCalmon looks at the numbers, including some ignored by pundits, to provide some insight. Read more...


Pulling The Plug On Cyber Harassment - What Employers Should Consider


Cyberbullying is a risk for employers, especially for harassment. Read the numbers and who is most at risk. We provide tips to help curb online bullies. Read more...


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