Ps-s-s-t! Have You Heard? Gossiping Harms Your Workplace

Workplace gossip can reduce productivity, lower morale, and destroy careers. What do you need to know about stopping the whispers? Read More

EEOC Scrutinizing Wellness Programs - What Employers Need To Consider

EEOC sues an employer for disability discrimination in its wellness program. Learn how wellness programs can comply. Read More

Sticking Your Head In The Sand Will Not Make Sexual Harassment Go Away

Woman sues employer for sexual harassment by her manager. She refuses to return to work. Learn about how important training during orientation is for reducing risk. Read More

Pay Now Or Pay Later - The Risks Of Ignoring Human Resources


A tech employee leaves her firm and describes its discriminatory culture. No one was paying attention to the problem. Read how addressing human resources now can pay dividends later. Read more...


Domestic Violence - Why It Goes Beyond The NFL To Every Workplace


Recent media reports on domestic violence spotlight the risk of violence spilling over into your workplace. Leslie Zieren, Esq. shares information about some employers' responses. Read more...


Are Payroll Cards A Convenience Or Risk?


Payroll cards present many risks. Learn what you should know about payroll cards. Read more...


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