OSHA Provides Guidance On Transgender Employees And Restrooms

OSHA weighs in on restrooms and access for transgender employees. We examine what the guidance says and the risks employers need to consider. Read More

New Malware Strains Grow 125 Percent: What Does That Mean For Employers?

Cybercriminals are working hard on new strains of malware. What does your organization need to do to not be trapped? Read More

Why Do You Think Employees Sue After A Termination: Our Readers Give Their Opinions

We wanted to know our readers' opinions on why terminated employees sue their former employers. What should employers do to avoid litigation? Read More

Holy Verdict Batman! Nearly $12M Awarded for Sexual Harassment


An Iowa jury awards nearly $12M, including $10M in punitive damages for sexual harassment. Learn how it happened and what employers should consider. Read more...


Do Parents Make Better Employees?


New survey shows parents think they can be both good employees and parents and that parenting skills are helpful in the workplace. What do you think? Read more...


DOL Promotes New Test That Could Make Your Contractors Employees

Jack McCalmon

DOL's new Interpretation presumes your independent contractors are employees. If true, your organization can face fines, penalties, and litigation loss. Jack McCalmon explains. Read more...


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