Training The Replacement: A Sure Fire Sign Of Discrimination?

A pregnant employee trains a new hire and is promptly terminated after the training is completed. The result is a lawsuit and a settlement. We examine. Read More

Android Devices Besieged With Malware: The Impact On Employers

An estimated 10 million Android devices are infected with malware. We examine the exposure and how it impacts employers. Read More

LGBT Bias Cases: Is This A Litigation Trend?

Statistics show LGBT cases are increasing, but how does this risk compare to other equal employment risks? We examine. Read More

Crossing The Line: Sexual Propositions In The Workplace

Jack McCalmon

A well-known former anchor accuses a powerful media executive of sexual harassment. Jack McCalmon explains how sexual propositions, undermine managers and management. Read more...


Misclassification Part Two: What Are The Tests?

Leslie Zieren

In "Misclassification, Part One," we examined the nature of the problem. In this blog, Leslie Zieren explains how to determine the proper classification of workers as employees or independent contractors. Read more...


Is There An Office Romance Brewing? Managers Beware

Kirstin Heffner

Kirstin Heffner discusses why workplace affairs are never a good idea. Read more...


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